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Dates: 16-17 June 2022

Venue: Faculty of Geography and History. C/ Cervantes s/n, 37006 Salamanca: Conference hall Ángel Rodríguez Sánchez and Events hall.

Organizers: Comisión de Música y Lenguajes Audiovisuales (MYLA) de la SEdeM, Universidad de SalamancaFaculty of Geography and History.



For more than a decade, the International Symposium Music Creation in the Soundtrack has been the reference forum for studying music in the audiovisual media in our country. Since 2002, when this meeting began at the University of Salamanca, the study of audiovisual music has experienced an evident growth and become a flourishing discipline of interest for musicologist and film studies cholars, as well as audiovisual communication, sociology, and cultural studies academics.

This 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of its first edition, and the University that gave rise to it will once again hold the symposium. The GIR IHMAGINE of this University coordinates its organisation.

The conference's themes will focus on the reconstruction and analysis of film music –both within and outside our borders– and the reformulation of analytical methodologies. The music present in our audiovisual environment will also be addressed regarding the sound creation of television series, advertising spots, video clips, and the new and growing environment offered by the Internet and video games. The educational sphere and the didactic perspectives are also important. Finally, we do not want to leave aside the production and consumption practices derived from the digital environment and the presence of audiovisuals in the music industry.

            Our wish is that the 14th Symposium will continue to be the exchange platform for debating these topics and an obligatory appointment at a national and international level concerning interdisciplinary study in this field. The languages of this international congress are Spanish and English.


  • To define the social role of music in the audiovisual media, such as cinema, television, Internet and advertising, and to demonstrate the importance of the discourses created by music.

  • To reconstruct and recover the musical heritage of Spanish cinema.

  • To share the research results on music and audiovisuals produced nationally and internationally.

  • To encourage dialogue between researchers from different fields to consolidate an interdisciplinary methodological approach.

  • To raise new research trends and methodological approaches

  • To share educational experiences based on audiovisual music and promote its didactic application.


Indicative Thematic Lines

  • Analysis of music in the cinematographic medium.

  • Film music in Spain.

  • Methodologies for approaching audiovisual music.

  • Music in television and series.

  • The role of music in advertising and commercials.

  • Music videos.

  • Music and video games.

  • Music on the Internet

  • Music and audiovisual languages in education.

  • Audiovisual media for music education.

  • Music production and consumption practices derived from the digital environment.

  • Audiovisual language in the music industry.


Call for papers

Proposals should include title, author’s name and surname, institutional affiliation contact detail and an abstract of a maximum of 300 words.

Proposals must be sent before 18 February 2022 by email to simposiobso@gmail.com. Extended until 28 February 2022.

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the proposals and communicate the program decisions during the first fortnight of March.

Papers should last 15 minutes and will be followed by 10 minutes of questions. Attendance is open in two modalities: face-to-face and online, via the Zoom platform. Official languages are Spanish and English.

The XIV Symposium offers the possibility of presenting collective panels, which will bring together three or four complementary communications with a common theme. The coordinator of each panel will be responsible for submitting the proposal, sending the panel's title, the names of the participants with their respective communication proposals, and an overall summary of the panel's content of a maximum of 300 words. (Each participant does not need to send a personal proposal, as the theme of their intervention will be included in the panel summary).



Accepted papers may be submitted before 1 September (non-extendable deadline) to be considered for publication. They will be held at the EUSAL digital journal Popular Music Research Today [https://revistas.usal.es/index.php/pmrt]. The submission will have to follow the guidelines indicated on its website and be limited to 7000 words. It will be necessary to register in the journal to proceed with the submission.


For presenting a paper at the Congress, to be registered in the Symposium (fee: 15 euros) will be necessary (but not for submitting the proposal). The registration process will start after receiving the confirmation that the paper has been accepted. It should be done exclusively online, on the Usal Formación Permanente web: https://formacionpermanente.usal.es/ by filling in the registration form and sending the required documentation.

Those who wish to attend without presenting a paper will also receive the Usal Formación Permanente certificate (20h hours) if they register for the Congress and meet 80% of the attendance.

For both in-person and online attendance, certificates of attendance will only be awarded if at least 80% of the sessions have been attended.

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